Category: satire

American Gothic, the original by Grant Wood (l) and the Bugs Bunny version by Chuck Jones ®.

Top: Daffy Le Moulin Rouge, hand-pulled lithograph by Chuck Jones. Printed on 19th century Marinoni flatbed presses at the American Atelier, New York, 1989.

Bottom: Moulin Rouge: La Goulue, hand-pulled four-color lithograph by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, 1891. Printed by Affiches Americaines, Charles Levy, Paris.

“I am satyr, non?” –Pepe le Pew

Original oil painting by Chuck Jones, 20″ x 16″, circa mid-1980s. 

“Pepe le Pew’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” original acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 18″, by Daniel Killen.