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“Coyote Coffee” and “Don’t Be Latte!”, fine art prints on paper by Mike Peraza.

Preliminary ideas for what would become the book “Chuck Reducks: Drawing from the Fun Side of Life” by Chuck Jones, 1992.

What’s on your library shelves?

Top: Original layout drawing, graphite on 12 field animation paper, by Chuck Jones for his 1954 short animated film, “Claws for Alarm,” starring Porky Pig and Sylvester. Please note that Sylvester* is mute in Chuck Jones cartoons.

Bottom: Original background layout, graphite with red pencil on 12 field animation paper, by Maurice Noble.

*Sylvester is from the Latin for wooded, silvestris, and felis silvestris, aka “wild cat”.

Production cels, gouache on acetate, from the 1994 “Chariots of Fur”, directed by Chuck Jones. Hope springs eternal.