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Chuck Jones at home on Tareco Drive in the Hollywood Hills, circa 1960.

“Man in Green and Blue”, charcoal with oil pastels on paper, by Chuck Jones, circa 1960.

1st: Chuck Jones, age six, in 1918, dressed as a ‘doughboy’.

2nd: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in “1918″ a watercolor on Arches paper, 11″ x 14″, by Chuck Jones, circa late 1990s.

1st: Chuck Jones hawking newspapers on Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, California, 1920

2nd: “The Kid” hand-painted cel art edition, gouache on acetate, from an original drawing by Chuck Jones

  1. Relative sizes of different legs of animals compared to man. Horse, man, dog, cat, cow. Original drawing by Chuck Jones
  2. “The Artist? An artist is simply a man [or woman] with eyes. One who notes what others would discard as trivial. He is, indeed, just that–a treasure house of the trivial–in the same sense as Dickens, or James Thurber or Helen Hayes– He must be able to detect that in an individual object–animate or inanimate–that which makes it unique – and to exploit that quality – discernment and great open-mindedness – those are among the prime needs of an artist = animator. What figure suggests which word? Tickety + Goloomb.” Hand-written notes from lectures on the nature of art and drawing by Chuck Jones, circa early to mid-1960s.
  3. Photo of Chuck Jones at the University of Kansas, delivering a lecture, 1967.

Original production cel, gouache on acetate, from the Chuck Jones-directed, “Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary” short animated film, 1966.

Letter from Bill Hanna to Chuck Jones, 9/5/1963.

Layout drawings by Chuck Jones, graphite on 12 field animation paper, for his 1961 short cartoon, “Compressed Hare”, starring Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote.

“Are you in, genius? Are you in, capable? Are you in, describable?” –so sayeth the rabbit.

Co-director, Maurice Noble; Story by Dave Detiege; Animation by Ken Harris, Richard Thompson, Bob Bransford, and Tom Ray; Assistant layout, Corny Cole; Backgrounds by Philip DeGuard and William Butler; Effects animation by Harry Love; Film Editor: Treg Brown; Voice characterization, Mel Blanc; Musical direction by Milt Franklyn.

Original layout drawing, graphite on 12 field animation paper, by Chuck Jones for his 1954 “Cats Bah” starring Pepe le Pew.

Layout drawing of Bugs Bunny, graphite on 12 field animation paper, by Chuck Jones for his 1949 “Mississippi Hare”. Model sheet for Colonel Shuffle from the same film, photo-reproduced on paper from original character drawings by Chuck Jones.

2020 is on its way to you.

Portrait of Todd (grandson), oil on canvas by Chuck Jones, 24″ x 18″, circa 1961.

The many faces of the Grinch, pre-production and production layout drawings by Chuck Jones for his 1966 “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, graphite, ball-point pen, and blue pencil on 12 field animation paper. The drawing of the Grinch in the chimney is a background layout by Maurice Noble. At the bottom are two original production cels, gouache on acetate, 10.5″ x 12.5″.