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“I’ll tell ya what I think Mel Blanc’s most genius achievement was… And only if you’re a voice actor do you realize how incredible this is. When Bugs and Daffy are fighting over whether it’s Wabbit Season or Duck Season, and Daffy Duck comes out dressed as Bugs Bunny doing a Bugs Bunny imitation, and then Bugs Bunny comes out dressed as Daffy doing a Daffy impression… You know how hard that is to do? To take your own character, have it imitate another one of your own characters? It’s almost impossible. Because if you try to combine two voices that you’re doing, you kind of just land in the middle. Like if I try to do Apu imitating Moe, it’ll sound just like Moe imitating Apu. We tried it one day, at the Simpsons. We were talking about it, and we were marvelling at Mel Blanc’s ability to do this, and we all tried to do one of our characters imitating another one, and have them sound different, and we couldn’t do it.”
– Hank Azaria, Voice Actor, “The Simpsons”